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Even Apple cannot Access Encrypted data On Newer iPhones Plus over 6.5 million Pay For Apple Music


As a fallout of the spying allegation against various governments especially the United States government, Apple says its newer iPhones don’t have a back door that can be used to access phones without a user’s consent. Apple says even they can’t access encrypted data on its own devices. The CEO of Apple Tim Cook made this revelation at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJD Live conference on the 19th of this month. The American Justice Department had tried to force Apple to provide information on a seize iPhone. It’s reply was that not even it could access an encrypted information on the phone.

In other Apple news, its reported that many of its customers discontinued the Apple Music service at the end of the trial period. But at the same conference, the CEO said Apple now has over 15 million users of the service with 6.5 million of them paying. This means it has 6.5 millions paying the $9.99/2,000 Naira/1,000 KES monthly. Spotify which is its main competitor has over 20 million paying customers.

With respect to Apple not being able to access encrypted data on its devices, it cud well give confidence to millions of its users that their information was safe but how what happens in cases where a bad actor (criminal) needs to be tracked? There needs to be balance. One cannot really blame Apple though since security organisations have abused this privilege in the past by accessing devices even without manufacturers and network providers knowing.

Again no word yet on Apple watch users. We don’t know that’s doing for sure.

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