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Facebook Acquires AI Startup Ozlo To Make An Already Smart Messenger Smarter


Facebook messenger has been part and parcel of most people day in, day out activities. They can’t go a day without going through their messenger chatting platform either to receive or to send, it has been the fastest way to communicate with anyone at any time, with its over 1 billion users since is getting bigger it has to get better and better just to keep its users glue to their phone and chat away the boredom.

Facebook in a report are making endless plans to ensure its messenger platform has what it takes to be considered the best, they intend to build an amazing personal assistant for their messenger users that will help understand a text based conversation, it’s visual assistant can understand and provide answers to questions which do not require a simple yes or no answers.

Ozlo Mesenger

Ozlo the four year old startup has a virtual assistant and can understand and answer questions, and it’s planning on joining the Facebook team to sharing more values and help them accomplish their vision in building their community. On ozlo website reads “ we will be able to continue to work on building experience which will be powered by the intelligence machine learning to give nothing but the best to Facebook users worldwide”.


Ozlo has worked with a number of investors including greylock and have raised over $14 million  from these investors. They has a start up of about 30 employees and most of these employees will be joining messenger in Facebook offices in either Menlo park, in California or Washington. There is however no details on when to be precise the when they will commence work or the amount to be paid for the deal, Facebook will be more focused on text based Artificial intelligence because voice conversation requires more steps and extra steps to archive as said by the Facebook messenger head of product Stan Chudnovsky during an interview.

Also Chudnovsky said “Until we nail we don’t want to go into a world where we teach people what we cannot do well. Otherwise we’re going to be in the world where people very quickly realise certain things that we don’t do well yet and then they may not give us another try,” and he also mention how they will work toward making these AI user friendly and will program it to reach many languages all over the world for easy communication with its users.

This AI acquisition will give Facebook messenger an edge in the chatting platform and help their a few steps closer to the vision and mission toward reaching the world at large, we are not surprised with these step Facebook CEO took but we hope for more to come.

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