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Facebook Changes It’s News Feed Algorithm To Favour Feed From “Friends”


Facebook has decided to be “Facebook” again. The social media giant has decided to tilt the News Feed as you know it to favour content from your close friends. This was contained in a post by Facebook yesterday. According to the report; Facebook is making three changes namely;

  • You won’t be able to reach the end of a News Feed as you will keep seeing more contents from same users in the feed and in today’s Facebook traffic level, it is virtually “impossible” for you to exhaust this.
  • The second one is rather obvious based on the point above. You will now be able to see more content from friends you care about the most
  • If a friend interacts with a post from a page, it will be less likely to show up in your News Feed. This is why I said in the beginning that Facebook now wants to be Facebook again.

The good news you can take away from this update is that you are going t be able to interact more with your friends than before. Facebook also has a filter tool which allows you to select the kind of Feed you want to see at a particular time. So if you want to see Feeds from pages alone, you can do this without having to see other Feeds.

This news may not play well with brands and Pages as this means fewer interactions with fans on Facebook especially at a time when Facebook is holding talks wit publishers to host their content directly on its platform.

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