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“RIP Twitter” Trends As Twitter Announces Super Follows Which Allows Payment For Premium Posts #Twitterhttps://t.co/2eqoJ2YRTH
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Facebook Says Apple’s Privacy Rule Is Anticompetitive And Selfish


Apple and Facebook continue to feud over internet supremacy, which has been ongoing for several years now. Just as both tech giant upholds a renowned status in the global tech industry, they are expected to relate accordingly as close counterparts. Nonetheless, the grudges Apple and Facebook harbours are no longer a secret but a public matter.

Conforming to the Wall Street Journal report, revealing the most recent clash between the two renowned US-based tech giants — the social media Chief Executive, Mark Zuckerberg reportedly encouraged his employees to intimidate his opposite number, Apple.

In line with Zuckerberg’s response to Tim Cook’s “extremely glib” statement he directed to his social media company, he instructed his employees “to inflict pain pain on Apple,” his never-ending counterpart.

A few weeks ago, Tim Cook indirectly slammed Facebook; he centered his opinion on the conspiracy theories about Facebook spreading false information on its social media. The iPhone maker noted that Zuckerberg should fix Facebook’s bugged algorithm to curb social platforms from violating social internet policy.

Tim Cook also highlighted the 2018 Facebook’s — Cambridge Analytica data scandal that accesses millions of Facebook user data without their consent. According to Apple’s tactical defence mechanism’s reputable status quo, Tim Cook’s comment was quite optimistic. He beliefs that if he were handling Zuckerberg’s social duties, he would not have encountered a data breach.

Tim Cook always remembers to fault Facebook’s vulnerability to invading its user’s privacy.

Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook once met officially to resolve the dispute between them, but it ended in a tense standoff. Instead, the two CEOs gained more facts to grudge against each other, in line with The Wall Street Journal’s reports about the 2017 meeting between both parties.

Experts believe Apple’s upcoming iOS privacy change will deepen the existing rift they have with Facebook. Towards the end of 2020, Apple updated its privacy policy that demands its user’s permission to activate the IDFA tags (ID For Advertisers) used for tracking user activity within app stores and across several websites.

According to Apple’s privacy nutritional labels developed for its app store, the iPhone maker gave developers forewarning within its platform to prepared for its proposed privacy change. The forthcoming tracking tags will be attached with the next iOS operating system, iOS 14.5 — set to be released around the month of March.

About Apple’s privacy change, Facebook disclosed that Apple’s intending privacy update will do more harm than good whereby hurting is revenue gains.  Remember, Facebook’s model of conducting its ads targeting business is steadily tracking its user activity.

The social media company sued the iPhone maker in an attempt to counter Apple’s proposed privacy change. Facebook claimed that Apple allegedly infringed the responsiveness of its operations and other similar social media companies.

According to TechBooky’s report, Facebook offered to make the documents of its epic games available to bolster the lawsuits they filed against Apple’s anti-competitive policy. Facebook also indulged other legal practitioners, including the federal antitrust regulators.

Facebook has iteratively conducted a campaign against Apple’s anti-competitive policy. The two tech companies might be engaged with long-lasting disputes, but they face sanctions by the same antitrust regulator.

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