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Facebook Now Allows You Add Your Country’s Flag To Your Profile Photo


Facebook now allows you to add country’s flag to your profile photo. Actually you can now add picture frames to your profile picture to show your support for a cause or institution. Facebook has now added over 200 country flags to the profile maker and you can simply choose from the left hand side of the screen what cause you wish to support or just simply type the country name and then you’ll see the flag on the top left hand side of your profile picture.

To try it out, you will need to visit facebook.com/profilepicframes if you’re using a computer or simply tap on profile photo and select the “Add frame” option on mobile. In the search bar, type your country name and that should be it.

While Facebook aims to bring us together through our diversities as stated by Mark Zuckerberg in his 6,000 word manifesto last week, there is also the risk of people taking advantage of this diversity for the wrong reasons. There is the huge risk of discrimination which could arise from this. But knowing where a person is from could help you have more relevant interactions with them too. In the end, it all depends on how some see it.

Before this, Facebook already allows you to turn your profile picture into a shades of a country’s flag in solidarity after an attack or natural disaster.

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