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Standalone Facebook Events App Comes To Android


Facebook could be launching a standalone Events app for Android as early as today according to reports. The app launched on iOS back in October and now it’s coming to Android. The app lets you browse through events near you and also alerts you to upcoming events that you may have showed an interest in. The aim of the standalone app is to reduce your notification clutter in the main Facebook app and this won’t be the first time Facebook would be releasing a standalone app for one or more of its features.

If you’re wondering why Facebook is doing this, it’s simple. Over 100 million people use the Events feature on Facebook daily and it’s only good that those 100 million users have an exclusive environment to stay up to date with events in addition to using the app to create them. For those who are in the business of creating such events, it makes sense to have a dedicated motivation bar for once.

The app also comes with its own calendar that allows you stay up to date with your events. This app lets you know events your friends may be interested in as well those announced by Pages you like.

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