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The Facebook Main App For iOS Is Finally Getting The Dark Mode Feature


The Facebook main app is finally getting a dark mode and it looks like it will be rolled out on iOS first. This has been in the works since April but right now Facebook has made it available to some users before it rolls out to everyone. Facebook’s main other apps like Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp have all activated the dark mode feature for all users.

So under the Settings & Privacy within the menu tab, users who have the feature right now can just go and activate this by selecting between the light and dark modes.

Facebook confirmed the report to Social Media Today where it says that only “a small percentage of users globally” can use the service at this time which means that this actually in test phase now. Pending the feedback form these users, it may roll out maybe over the next few months.

Right now there may be no notification inviting you to try this which means the only way to know if you are on the small percentage of users, you would have to login and go to settings to see if its there. Like Instagram, Facebook may make this feature available only to newer iOS and Android versions.

Dark mode is one of the latest trends in the tech world and other services like YouTube and Twitter have jumped on the wagon as well. 

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