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Facebook gives users more control over news feed


Facebook is now giving users some more control over how they connect with other users on its platform. It aims to do this by giving people more control over posts and people. For example, if you have just “unfollowed” someone and you wish to follow them back, Facebook will now bring up a list of recently unfollowed people and then you can simply just add them back to your feed.

In addition to this, you can choose to see other forms of posts from a person or company instead of just outrightly unfollowing them. So there’s gonna be filter tab in the settings which you can use to do this.
In an era where our news feed is constantly clogged with news (wanted and unwanted), this is a welcome development especially from the biggest social networking site in the world.
Over 860 million people look at their news feed every day while about 10 billion messages are exchanged daily on Facebook, this is a whole new power given to the user by Facebook. You’ll recall a while ago when a research was “illegally” conducted on Facebook users using their feed and other data and this attracted a wide spread condemnation. There is no evidence this has had any effect on Facebook’s business as the company has reported a good third quarter earnings.

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