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Lawsuit Against Facebook Says It Spied On Instagram Users Via Phone Camera


The privacy litigations against social media giant Facebook doesn’t seem be ending.  

Most recently, Facebook is facing a fresh lawsuit for allegedly spying on Instagram users, with the use of the cameras on their cell phones without the consent of its users, which tends to be unauthorized making it unlawful.

The complaint about Facebook spying on Instagram was a report from the media and was filed in court in July  2020, it alleges that Instagram, which is a photo-sharing app happened to explore an authorized use of the iPhone camera especially when its user did not permit such operation, Instagram accessed the cameras even when the iPhone was not active.

Facebook owns photo sharing app Instagram as well other social media platforms like WhatsApp denied the reports saying it just an accusation because an unfixed bug tapped into private data, but Facebook said their engineers worked on the bug and fixed the bug that initiated the false notifications about Instagram accessing the iPhone cameras without being permitted by its users.

In the lawsuit filed against Facebook on Thursday in the federal court of San Francisco, Brittany Conditi from New Jersey who filed the complaint against Facebook said that the Instagram app uses the iPhone camera to intentionally snoop on its users stealthily to access and collect productive and profitable data which is a private data that is also inaccessible by its users. But Facebook has denied the accusation.

Facebook recently opened its second office in the continent of Africa in Lagos state, Nigeria (the commercial zone of Africa). The Lagos office set to open in 2021 will serve as a station for Facebook engineers which makes it the first engineering office Facebook has in the whole of Africa. The idea behind the Facebook platform spreading across the regions of Africa is based on the development of Africa with internet infrastructure. Facebook is a legitimate firm, which also means that its policies protect the privacy of its users rather than violates the privileges of serving its users.

In the previous month, a different lawsuit was filed against Facebook, accusing Facebook of using sophisticated technology on its user’s which is not authorized making it unlawful. Facebook was accused of using facial recognition technology on its users, invading their privacy without the consent of its users, accessing the biometric data of more Instagram users. Facebook also denied the claim saying that Instagram as a platform does not use or require the face recognition technology.

Facebook Inc. has faced different lawsuits in the past but manages to come out unscathed in the end. The ability to came out strong amidst all scandals has earned the tech firm something close to a “too big to fail” status. In 2018, Facebook survived other lawsuits filed against in the Cambridge Analytica saga.  Cambridge Analytica ultimately faced bankruptcy and closed its operations in the UK and US after it harvested the private data of roughly 87millions of users on Facebook without authorization from users and going largely unchecked by Facebook. It was later revealed that the Chief Executive officer Alexander Nix conspired to blackmail its opponent with seduction schemes during the United States Presidential election of 2016 and then later the Brexit referendum. While Facebook the bigger player in the same crisis had to change its policies that are also resulted in the crash of their stock shares by $50billion. Facebook tends to have recovered and moved on to greater heights.

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