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Facebook Is 13 And Here’s How They Are Celebrating It


Facebook is thirteen this week and to be precise, this Saturday will make the biggest social media network in the world a teenager eventually. In those thirteen years, it has managed to bring about 1.86 billion people on board and this represents well over half the number of people on the internet globally.

To celebrate what it calls “Friends Day”, the social media company has now created personalised videos to help you celebrate. When I played mine, I got to see a quick scroll of my friends over the years. Before the personalised videos, Facebook already in a way celebrate your friendship with your friends by telling you just how long it is you have been friends with someone.

In addition, you’ll be able to edit the video so you can share it with friends In line with the Friends Day celebrations. Messenger also has personal GIFs you can share with friends too.

Happy Friends Day!!

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