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Facebook Is Going To Start Limiting Ads Placements For Sites That Load Slowly Among Other Ads Changes


Like Google and Microsoft, Facebook now wants people who want to leverage on its 1.7 billion strong community to make their website mobile responsive if they want to enjoy the money they spend on adverts on its site. In a post yesterday on their Business News page, it also wants you site to be fast as well as it will soon start “punishing” sites that load slowly. Facebook plans to limit the where ads appear on its site if they point to slow loading sites in the future but it outlined a couple of steps site administrators can take to improve the overall experience of visitors from Facebook;

Businesses can optimise their sites for mobile by:

  • Minimising landing page redirects, plugins and link shorteners
  • Compressing files to decrease mobile rendering time
  • Improving server response time by utilising multi-region hosting
  • Using a high-quality content delivery network to reach audiences quickly
  • Removing render-blocking JavaScript

They also announced some other changes coming to ads like Canvas which is a mobile advert experience within Facebook that enables businesses to share their stories in a beautiful, immersive way. And it loads quickly – as much as 10 times faster than standard mobile web.

Another update coming to ads on Facebook is prefetching – pre-loading mobile content in the Facebook in-app browser before a link is tapped. This can shorten mobile site load time by 29 per cent or 8.5 seconds2, improving the experience and decreasing the risk of site abandonment.

Why’s Facebook doing this? Well they noticed that up to 40 percent of users abandon sites that load slowly and put better, they usually abandon such sites when they experience about 3 seconds of loading delays.

Google and Bing have started degrading sites in searches that don’t provide good user experience on mobile which is where everyone is these days.

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