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Facebook is reportedly planning “Phone” app; something in the Truecaller category


Facebook wants to extend its dominance in messaging and photos to a whole new area now. It is now reported that Facebook is working on an Android app called “Phone”. This app will allow you see more information on an incoming call. As you might expect, much of that information is expected to come from the Facebook database. A perfect scenario would be that you can see if you’re friends with the caller, if they have a birthday among other features.

Already, profiles linked to phone numbers on Facebook can have people see their pictures when they call another number. This takes the Truecaller business to a whole new level. You’ll recall from one of our reports that Truecaller now has over 100 million installed applications with new features launching soon as well.

One major feature of the reported “Phone” application from Facebook would be that it can automatically reject incoming calls from regularly blocked numbers. In an era where we now have many scammers, this feature would stop them before they even reach you.

At this point there’s no guarantee Phone will ever get an official release. It’s possible Facebook could scrap the app entirely, or just opt to use it internally instead.

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