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Facebook Inks Deal With Major Music Producers To Start Streaming Music Videos



The video wars is on as Facebook has decided to step up its game to further compete against YouTube. The social media giant announced a few days ago that it had competed deals with the three big music companies to start streaming music videos on its platform. The deal which they say starts immediately means that you can start streaming some music videos from your favourite artists from now on the Sony, Universal and Warner Music Group. Other labels partnered with includes Merlin, BMG, Kobalt and other independent music publishers as well.

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Maria carey, Alicia, Keyes and Beyonce are some big names identified with the labels mentioned above.

By parenting with these US giants, Facebook is just extending what it already does in places Thailand and India to the United States. YouTube currently dominates this space but it looks like Facebook Watch is bringing the fight to it with these deals. Facebook original content in Watch have not enjoyed the kind of reception many predicted but in recent years, it has it expanded your personal Watch feed beyond people and pages you follow. Music is the most streamed content on all major video streaming platforms which means this may be the big boost Watch has been waiting for.

Facebook already has about 2.7 billion active users which could make it a major music video streaming platform perhaps overtaking YouTube someday.

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