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Facebook Now Lets You See The ID Of A Non Friend With Its New Feature “Chat ID” + GIFs Are Now Allowed In News Feed


What’s new with Facebook these days?

Well there are two updates I can give you about Facebook .

The first being that Face will “finally” support GIFs in your News Feed making it not the first social network to support this. In 2013, Facebook started supporting auto-play videos in the News Feed. YouTube has a feature that allows videos to auto play in a queue and can be stopped should you choose to like in my case 🙂 . The company confirmed it this week that it would now allow GIFs and you can imagine how this would change the News Feed experience. To post a GIF, copy the link into the News Feed and this should capture you moving image. As with many other launches, thus might not be available to everyone just yet but would definitely be released to everyone eventually.

The second is this “interesting” feature with which Facebook hopes to combat spam messages. This feature sounds like a message version to its recently launched “Hello” app which acts like an “advanced” version of Truecaller. This new anti spam feature is called “Chat ID”. So before you ignore or delete a message from an unknown person, Facebook will now let you know if it was the lady you met at an office the other day who just happens not to be your friend on Facebook.  Both Chat ID and Hello have the potential of increasing your connection which is a major aim of Facebook.


Facebook has since invested in internet connectivity using its internet.org  platform which has launched in Zambia and recently  in Pakistan. Facebook successfully tested its internet service beaming drones in the UK

Image Credit: TechCrunch  

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