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Facebook uses Your Photo As Login Authentication In Cases Of Suspicious Activity


Let’s get to know you shall we? Facebook is testing a feature that asks users to upload a photo of themselves as a means to verifying their account to enable them login. This feature isn’t new to some users as Users on Reddit and Facebook’s help section have reported their experience using this feature in April this year.

Once you try and login to the Facebook app, the screen pops up with a message which reads “please upload a photo of yourself which clearly shows your face”. Once you send the image, the image will be analyzed, while the process is going on , users will not be able to login for the 72 hours until the process is complete then login is allowed and the images is permanently deleted from the company’s server.

According to the official statement released which explained that “The global available feature is meant to help Facebook catch suspicious persons and activities at various points of interaction such as sending friend request, creating or editing an ads, creating a new account, setting up account for ads payment and lots more.

When users attempt one of these activities such as creating an account etc., or once the messaging platform detects that users have multiple accounts, then the automated process appears and users have to upload photos that hasn’t been uploaded on their server before they are allowed to login their accounts.

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