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Facebook Unveils A Photo Transfer Tool To Google Photos, Other Platforms Coming Soon


Facebook wants you to be able to share billions of photos with other platforms easily. Well Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world and yes, the fact they have about 2.5 billion users means it’s certainly has several billions of photos uploaded to its platform. Today, Facebook announced a transfer tool that will allows users transfer their photos to other platforms beginning with Google Photos.

The new tool is found in the “Your Facebook Information” part in the account settings and is intended to expand the transfer service to other platforms in the near future.

Over the past year, an open source framework has been developed. Today, we are announcing a new tool on Facebook that allows people to transfer photos and videos directly from Facebook to Google Photos. We plan to expand this to other services in the near future. This tool will begin rolling out in Ireland today and will be available worldwide in early 2020.

As Facebook said in its post, the feature is rolling out today first to Ireland users and then worldwide in the first half of 2020.

On the issue of security considering that this is part of the social network’s wider open source project, they say all data will be encrypted in transit (because data within the platform is already encrypted) in addition to password that users have to provide to initiate a transfer successfully.

Movement of data across big tech platforms is becoming a real thing even as politicians are increasingly demanding this. Telecom networks in many countries as a result of regulation already allows subscribers port their numbers, why should big tech allow you easily do that right? Well in the United States, some lawmakers are demanding that platforms with more than 100 million users should allow users easily move and port data across platforms.

Facebook’s open source tool may be headed in that direction as it seems to allows users move data to other companies like Apple, Google and Amazon among others.

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