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Facebook Is Testing A Feature To Lets Users Cross-Post Stories To Instagram


As part of its cross-platform integration plans across its services, Facebook has begun testing a new feature that will users share their Stories to Instagram. This is just Facebook reciprocating the 2017 gesture where Instagram allowed users post Instagram Stories to Facebook. Nonetheless, the feature is only limited to Stories and not regular posts.

Application researcher who calls herself an app reverse engineer on Twitter Jane Manchun Wong spotted this and said its being called “Share Story to Instagram” and can be found in your Story privacy settings. Of course, you would need to turn it on for this to be a reality for you. Why the option is not turned on by default might just be an issue of privacy. Privacy hawks have had their eyes on Facebook for quite some time now especially since the Cambridge Analytica saga.

Well it looks like this has gone beyond the rumour stage as Facebook has now confirmed this to TechCrunch that it’s currently officially testing the feature to make it simpler to share you Stories with loved ones on a bigger scale. Facebook and Instagram have different crowds, all things considered, so in the event that you need to share specific Stories to loved ones on the two platforms, the Share Story to Instagram feature will let you to do as such.

Still on Stories, Facebook also told TechCrunch that it will keep looking for ways to improve Stories and how they are shared across its main platforms namely Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

What remains unclear in all of these is if Story views will be synced across the services in order to prevent the same users viewing the same Story multiple times when they don’t want to.

Facebook continues to look for ways to spread the same experience across its main services even at the risk of losing active users on each of those platforms should this push take a much more aggressive turn in the years ahead.

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