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Facebook Is Shutting Down Pages Over Marijuana Sales


Do you have a page on Facebook and do you sell some illegal stuff like drugs or marijuana either for health purpose or for fun?? Is time to close up or Facebook will shut it down.

Marijuana sale has been stopped and ban in most countries and in recent times it has been made illegal base on its health benefits but still some people tend to use it for other recreational activities and some tend to abuse its use, but yet again there has been problems arising over the set of boundaries on the things users can post on social network page and also these boundaries serve as a way to checkmate the activities of what’s going on the Internet so as to discourage the buying and selling of hard drugs and marijuana to the public on their social media page.

Fast forward to the present Facebook has  shut down pages selling marijuana in Alaska, reasons are they are not licensed to sell it on its social media platform and the National Cannabis Industry Association early told press agency that they are seeking a proper and clearer guidelines from Facebook how the do and don’t of their platform and how best not to cross the boundaries set by them.

The pages of these marijuana sellers has been shut down and they are appealing to Facebook to restore their accounts with a guidelines attached to it so as to avoid further recurrence of events. The shutting down of these page has affected over nine US States that have legalized marijuana for recreational and health benefits added by the deputy director of NCIA Taylor west in her interview.

Facebook in a statement said it’s doesn’t allow content that promotes the sale of marijuana or any other illegal drugs also made mention “In order to maintain a safe environment on Facebook, we have community standards that describe what is and is not allowed on the service,”

The sale of marijuana on TV and radio and been restricted, so social media is the only way these seller can reach out to their customer , when interviewed one of the affected cannabis business owner Leah Levington express her own on the page takedown as a “ frustrating experience “ and she showed her worries over her instagram account of her fear for it not to be shut down too.

By doing this,the community will be free from illegal stuffs and a clean healthy society will be maintained , there will be more shuts down by Facebook until all pages abide by the guidelines that govern the social media platform or they should not be created if they can’t abide by the rules.

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