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Guest Post Facebook Infograph: Facebook Social Media Marketing Facts


For anyone that takes social media marketing seriously:

Visiting and using www Facebook com is absolutely vital.

With over a billion active users on their site:

You’d be missing out on an opportunity and untapped potential by not marketing your brand on Facebook.

To help you break the ice:

Here are some fun facts on Facebook for you to enjoy.

Did you know:

Not all of the billion-plus users on Facebook are alive.

In fact:

The number of dead users on Facebook is estimated to be around 30 million users and counting!

Yes, Facebook really is that big.

The reason they’re so big is because their site is addicting.

In fact:

One blogger found Facebook so addicting that he actually hired someone to slap him every time he veered off onto Facebook.

Take advantage of the site’s addicting and growing population.

Market your services or goods on Facebook today.

Here’s the deal:

Facebook is so massive that approximately 27 percent of upstream web traffic comes from mobile users on Facebook!

Now, do you understand the potential of creating a Facebook profile for your brand?

Whereas some people work hard and struggle to make $25K per year:

Facebook actually loses that amount of cash for every minute their services go down!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Here are some more insane facts on Facebook for you to enjoy:


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