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Facial Recognition Technology: Uses & Benefits For Businesses In 2020


2020 has been the year of significant change, especially when it comes to globalisation of digital technology and online businesses, given to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we’ve seen some breakthrough tech, most have been around for years but never before claimed as ‘the new normal’.

Of the many, the most remarkable is facial recognition technology that, until now, was limited only to research organisations, scientists and security professionals. Before moving onwards with the business benefits, let’s have a look at its origin for better understanding.


Table of Content
     1.Origin & Development of Facial Recognition Technology
     2.Working & Application of the Facial Recognition
      3. Applications & Benefits of Facial Recognition in Business Sector

(a)    Data Privacy

(b)    Security Essentials

(c)     Ecommerce Payment Gateways

(d)    Improved Employee Productivity

Origin & Development of Facial Recognition Technology

Just as the name implies, facial recognition is a technology that identifies a human by scanning their face using applied machine learning. The coming of this amazing tech opened exciting new opportunities for corporate and government-based organisations. And while it gained media attention only a few years back, the concept of face scanning tech was introduced first in sci-fi movies which eventually became a reality back in 2001.

The study of algorithms to detect faces, known as Object Detection Framework proposed by Viola Jones provided the framework to apply it in real-time and thus became successful. Between the years 2001 and 2004, study on speed of algorithm allowed government agencies to execute with the technology that were able to detect face in .07 seconds. The only drawback was inaccuracy in facial detection that was calculated about 10%.

After six years, the technology developed significantly and finally came forth in the form of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) in 2010; still considered the most accurate when it comes to detecting facial identity. Today, the technology has revolutionised speed at which AI can scan a number of random faces altogether.


Working & Application of the Facial Recognition

Nowadays, facial recognition tech is used for biometric identification or scan facial aspects of a subject that’s mostly performed through 2D/3D imaging or via particular algorithms that bridges likewise features for accuracy. In pure technical terms, facial identification tech can be divided into four levels that are detection/tracking, algorithm processing and image alignment, feature extraction and matching and finally classification.

During the first step that’s detection/tracking, identification and tracking of a given image or video takes place followed by second stage that is algorithm processing and image alignment in which matching of the facial lines and contouring processes.

Then comes the feature extraction and matching which involves extracting features of the face like eyes, nose, chin, mouth so on using algorithm which then matches each to form a picture. The classification stage is final during which the database is compared with the processed information to identify the subject being scanned.


Applications & Benefits of Facial Recognition in Business Sector

The uses and benefits of facial identification tech for businesses are many. Let’s have a look at some of the most common.

  1. Data Privacy

With technology, there has been a significant rise in the number and development of social media/multimedia messaging applications. Take for instance Snapchat that allow users to customise their privacy setting for photographs or snapshots taken, possible by development company’s use of facial recognition tech.

The app’s system scans the face and separate ones that need blocking for privacy. Within the app’s system, the facial identification system uses emojis to suppress particular faces. This feature however is enabled only when a user chooses to from his/her account setting. This particular technology or setting is also picked up by corporations to protect privacy of their employees, employers, clients and/or customers.

      2. Security Essentials

Most of the smart devices, be it phones, laptops, tablets etc. now come with lock and unlock feature using thumb imprint or facial scan. The same tech is also incorporated by businesses to protect their devices as well as retina scan which allow only authorised employee, employers to enter the premises. All of this only boost security measures which, nowadays has become all the more important given to the increasing cases of cybercrimes and security breaches.

      3. Commerce Payment Gateway

Ecommerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba along with many other competitors have plans to incorporate facial scanning tech with their payment gateways. Doing so would add an extra layer of security to user/buyer data, their credit/debit card details and other sensitive information while letting them shop conveniently without entering card details every time they make a purchase. Once implemented, the risk of theft and fraud would be reduced significantly.

       4. Improved Employee Productivity

Business productivity is affected only when employees loiter and have non-serious attitude towards work, especially when higher authorities aren’t noticing them or being lenient. There’ve been numerous cases of employees doing their personal work or browsing social media rather than working. In large organisations, identifying such people can be difficult but incorporation of facial scanning tech is the best way for employers to segregate those who’re actually productive from the idle ones.

Indeed, coming of facial recognition tech brought with it many benefits for corporate organisations but revolution doesn’t stop here as we’re already witnessing many new and ground-breaking trends.

The facial recognition tech is also incorporated in LED display boards that are now setting up a new trend in marketing and branding industry. Many of the modern countries and cities that reflects the dawn of the smart tech have now adopted to facial identification display boards as a means to track the number of views and overall success of signages.

Just in case you’re in one of these futuristic cities like Dubai, known as a corporate hub and a melting pot of diversified culture while looking to have a super powerful and winning billboard to be designed by the best Digital Signage companies in Dubai, there are many to provide the exceptional service.

Let’s see what we’ll see in coming days.


Author’s Biodata:

Rout Lita is a professional digital content creator, SEO and editor having years of experience working for many different industries and recently working in the Digital Signage companies in Dubai at DG SIGNAGE . In her free time, she loves to watch movies, read books, and play console games.


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