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Twitter Revealed Its Upcoming Payment Feature They Call “Super Follows” https://t.co/7vVXxSUyJU via @techbooky https://t.co/KDl5Xcqkj8
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Revealed! The Perfect List Of 6 Awesome Fashion Devices


From wearable tech to smart clothes, from 3D printed clothes to portable skincare – the forces of fashion and technology collide and create several fascinating possibilities. All across the globe, fashion labels are expanding their capabilities to include tech into their game, and tech startups are giving fashionable facelifts to their products, to appeal to fashionistas. These products make you look better, feel better, and be better. Here’s a quick look through some perfectly irresistible fashion tech products.

Foreo LUNA Mini 2

How about a palm-sized cleanser that could make your skin look like that of an angel, in a jiffy? Style and compactness make Foreo’s LUNA Mini 2  a must have for all you fashionistas with busy routines. The proprietary T-SonicTM technology of this device delivers gentle yet effective face scrubbing for all skin types. Another superlative benefit of the Luna Mini is that it enhances the effectiveness of all the other skin care products you use, by clearing away blemish-causing impurities from the skin surface.

Athos Core – Smart Clothing

Fancy purchasing sensor-filled garments, that help you make sense of your workout? For fashionable fitness-seekers, the answer is YES. And that’s because of the chic style of Athos Core, a 10-gram capsule that glues to gym garments. The Core transmits all the different data streams into a smartphone app, which helps you make more sense of your workout. Because the device is so inconspicuous, it can work well with all kinds of fitness wear.  The Core range of shorts and shirts is not reserved for professional athletes; regular gym goers like deserve the cool, trendy, and tech upgrade too.

Ticwatch E

Smartwatches have had a bad rep; they promise more than what they deliver. Ticwatch E is a pleasant surprise; it turns the tables. Built-in GPS, IP67 water resistance, Google Assistant, heart rate monitor, Android Wear – what more could you ask for. The watch lets you choose from a vast list of dynamic watch faces, which means you can sport the wrist-look that complements your attire. Ticwatch E comes in 3 variants – Ice, Lemon, and Shadow. And, it’s by far the most affordable premium smartwatch in the market. Go for it.

SUPA Smart Bra

For all you fitness freak divas out there, it’s time to pamper yourself with the SUPA Smart Bra. Its integrated heart rate sensor is made from fabric – a one of its kind in the smart clothes market. The sensor not only records vital body stats that help you plan your fitness regimen well, but also tracks your workout, as well as ambient UV levels, to make sure you stay safe and fashionable. The smart bra comes in 3 different styles, each colorful and classy enough to make you go wow. And yes, it comes with an AI-powered app, and is waterproof.

Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket

Urban cyclers have a reason to be happier while they pedal their way to fashionable fitness, and it’s Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket. On the looks of it, it’s a trendy jeans jacket from Levis. Actually, it’s a lot more than that. The left cuff is made of conductive yarn, which makes touch interaction possible – so you can block or answer calls, change music tracks, and do a lot more. The best part – it’s fashionable first, and techy next, which makes it a must-have for suave and swanky cyclists.

Thesis Couture

4-inch heels that don’t make you feel like you’re standing on a knife – that’s possible, and that’s what Thesis Couture is all about. Touted as the world’s first high-performance stilettos, these shoes are as much about form as they are about functionality. Founder Dolly Singh is a former SpaceX employee, and has brought together design intelligence from several verticals to make Thesis Couture a reality. The heels comprise a ballistic-grade polymer that takes away the perennial sensation of pain from the underfoot. Also, the shoe’s angle, and the platform at the front work make you feel you’re wearing something a lot lower than what these stilettoes actually are.

Technology has amplified the class, form, and functionality of fashion, and these products are the perfect examples!

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