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FIFA 16 To Feature Women On Its Cover As Africa Is Excluded Once More


EA Sports is doing something for the first time and that’s putting a woman on the cover of its football game. American forward Alex Morgan and Canadian Christine Sinclair will both appear on the cover of FIFA 2016. Both will share the cover with Lionel Messi of Barcelona FC with the only difference being that gamers in Canada will see Sinclair and Messi on their game covers.


Before you go all mad about this or too happy as the case may be, this will be featured in North America while in the UK the cover picture will feature Jordan Henderson of Liverpool FC alongside Messi. There’s a number of improved features in FIFA 16 like improved defence agility and clinical finishing.


FIFA 16 will be out in September. See their website for more details on that.

Why no African feature on this edition?

African countries have produced some great talents in the game of football and have not enjoyed the same privilege accorded to nations whose main sport is not even football. The stat below show just how players have been selected to feature alongside Messi. Again it could just be a business decision since the company enjoys higher sales in some of these regions than in Africa.

Source: Wikipedia


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