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Finally, WhatsApp Voice Call Feature Comes To iOS


iOS users have waited for weeks now to join their Android counterparts in making voice calls on WhatsApp but we have just learned that the wait is finally over as this feature is now available to them. There was an update to the iOS app earlier today signalling that an iOS user of the app can now use this feature.

The app uses the internet connectivity on your device. As you may expect, service providers give priority to calls originating from within your SIM card and this means that if you’re on a WhatsApp VoIP call, you are likely to see that call get hung up in order for you to be able to receive the PSTN (public switch telephone network) call.

Please note that even if you update the app today, you might not have access to the feature just yet — WhatsApp says it’ll roll out “slowly over the next few weeks.”

There’s yet another update though. WhatsApp now takes advantage of the iOS 8’s sharing system. You can now share files like photos, photos, links among others with your contacts.

There you go, please start updating and share your experience with us.

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