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Latest Firefox Update Shows Its Lagged Behind Other Browsers In This Privacy Area


Firefox has always touted its privacy policies as an alternative to the other browsers like Google Chrome and Edge, however it turns out the browser has had a noteworthy security defect which counterparts, including Chrome, Edge, Opera and more have plugged ages back.

For reasons unknown, while the aforementioned browsers as a matter privacy do not allow extensions in Private Browsing mode, Firefox does not, permitting the Amazon extension, for instance, to record your “private shopping” when you truly wished the retail mammoth did not.

The  problem here is that users who  may want to run ad blocking and anti-tracking extensions in incognito mode will not be able to do this as some extensions like the Amazon one we gave previously will still be able to record your browsing activity and then pop up targeted ads at you later.

As indicated by a report on Mozilla.org, the organisation is at long last to address the issue with a change which will likewise be backdated to Firefox 66.

Firefox will likewise warn users of the coming change and give them the choice to deal with their extensions.

It is, obviously, great that Mozilla is at long last tending to this issue, yet to some degree amazing that it has taken such a number of years.

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