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Top 10 Features That You Must Have In Your Fitness App


Some individuals practice and engage themselves in fitness as if it’s their religion.

The global pandemic brought a major revolution in the health and fitness industry and Charles Darwin’s theory the survival of the fittest appear true.

The individual with high immunity and good fitness has fewer chances of getting caught by infectious disease.

Fitness and wellness apps got skyrocketing results in the pandemic as everyone laid much more emphasis on their health and wellness of the body and lockdowns acted as a fulcrum as individuals were locked at home.

When we talk about such fitness and wellness apps, we often wonder how it works and how AI and machine learning performs accountable tasks such as Measuring Blood pressure, counting pulses, and several other features that the app provides.

The features that you as a business owner or app developer must include in your app are as follows:

The features that you as a business owner or app developer must include in your fitness app are as follows #fitness #app Click To Tweet

1. A customized experience

  • Whenever it comes to tracking the physical and fitness activity of the users. The app must have all the personal information of the users such as age, weight, height, gender, and much more.
  • This information will further be fruitful for the better functioning of apps.
  • All the information helps in customizing the approach and what fitness plan suits the individual can be brought to the user for his consideration.
  • Depending on the needs of the customers the fitness plan gets planned out.

The features which are included in the app are:

A. Customized physical exercises and routines
B. Save the results after exercising
C. Set higher aims to achieve the desired fitness level
D. Compare the performance/ Goals

2. Integrating Geo-location

  • Such a feature facilitates user to keep a check on their walking, cycling, and other physical exercises and even keep a record of their workouts.
  • By using such features and customized approach towards users, fitness tracking apps can achieve successful results within a short span of time.
  • Such integration of features provides users with an option to keep a track of their fitness levels consistently.


3. Push notifications and Reminders

  • The individuals who follow their daily routines regularly without even skipping a single day while coping with their busy schedules and allocating regular time to their health makes them more motivated towards their work.
  • The busy schedule often makes you forget about the necessary things that are needed for the betterment of life and such push notifications and reminders help in coping up with the schedules.
  • The push notifications and reminders also provide accurate timings when the person needs to focus on their exercises.
  • This can be considered as the main reason why health and fitness industries are gaining popularity and why business owners are looking forward to the ways to invest much more in such apps.
  • Such push notifications and reminders act as a knife which cuts both the ways.
  • Everything appears good within their limits so notifying and poking users, again and again, might loosen up their interest in apps.

4. Gamification

  • Regular fitness freaks and trainers often give their best and try to attain their highest capacity when they are doing any physical training in gym and fitness centers when they hear their favorite song.
  • Setting up targets is the best way to achieve maximum capacity.
  • Including games keeps individuals motivated to achieve their targets as for the completion of their target they get some rewards.
  • Games do include various tasks that are required to get completed within a time period and target failure might lead them to penalties.
  • The penalties will further include some vigorous extra exercise apart from the daily schedule for example 200 pushups, burpees, and much more.

5. Multi-device synchronization

  • Just like the functionalities provided by wearable devices the fitness apps help in synchronization.
  • The apps get aware of the individuals who are willing to work along with synchronizing their smartphones and devices.
  • This synchronization produces data that is of high value to the app developers and owners so this must be considered while making an app.


6. Sleep tracker

  • Deprivation of sleep is the major problem being faced by individuals nowadays.
  • So wearable devices and apps must help in providing proper guidance towards the sleeping hours of an individual.
  • Such trackers also measure whether an individual had sound sleep or not.
  • For its proper integration to record the sleep hours an individual needs to wear the device and turn on such tracker so even the activities like going to the washroom in the mid of the night also get recorded.

7. Altimeter

  • The feature appears important to those people who climb stairs as an alternative for escalators and elevators. Such a feature also counts the stairs scaled u by an individual along with the change in altitude.
  • The feature also helps an individual while they engage in walking, running, or jogging for knowing the efforts and whether they have achieved the target or not.


8. Food tracker

  • By integrating this feature, the individual users get to know about their daily calorie intake and up to what amount of calories they still need in their bodies.
  • Such implementation encourages the individual to have control over its appetite.


9. Water tracker

  • Keeping track of water intake is the other important feature that is to be included by the developers in the app as individuals also need to make sure that they had sufficient water intake.
  • Water is the major key ingredient for a balanced diet which is often ignored by many individuals as they feel that drinking more water the usage of the washroom gets frequent.
  • On average, a human being requires 2-3 liters of water per day.
  • Dehydration is the other major problem which is faced by individuals this has many drawbacks as they cannot even survive in the natural environment which is necessary for their overall life-span.


10. Online consultant and chat

  • Engaging and being motivated internally for regular exercise becomes challenging and every human feels the need of a trainer to guide and assist them.
  • The users might have a lot many exercises to perform and might have various doubts and queries and to get the things solved on the app appears challenging without a trainer.
  • Such queries can get solved if the app has some trainers and consultants and having a platform to chat and discuss things becomes much more helpful for the users.
  • Such a platform also provides users to know about their fellow mates who are having the same workout plans and diet plans.


Wrapping up

Along with the passage of time and the sudden pandemic, individuals realize the value of being physically fit and sudden consciousness for wellness and fitness will keep increasing for this decade as the way it is predicted.

For being successful an entrepreneur must focus on every opportunity that knocks on the door. The ideas of the apps just need to get passed on to the app developers so that they include all the required features in the app for its better functioning.

Conducting research and looking out at the feasible features which add more value and which makes your app unique in this competitive market must get included in the app.


Author Bio
Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading On-demand app development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.

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