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20 Best CAD Software To Download For Free

Paul Balo

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) has become an essential part of the industry. 3D modeling with the help of CAD software can make the project designing practices much simpler and faster. For professional designers, architects, engineers, animators or artists, CAD software is an essential tool. 

Today, many firms depend on CAD software for making profiles of their components. For big firms, the CAD software is a necessity, and hence they purchase licensed software from the established companies. 

For small firms or individual workers who do not have an extensive amount of work relating to the software, buying CAD software can prove to be an expensive deal. Such people usually look for alternative freeware, that can fulfill their requirements without having to spend a lot of money. Even for beginners who wish to get the basic knowledge of the software, free CAD software can prove to be of great help. 

Numerous free CAD software is available to download. From this surplus amount of options available, choosing the best one can be very difficult. Hence, here is a list of top 20 CAD Software that are available to download for free.

Best CAD Software

3D Builder

3D Builder is free software that is available in various operating systems like Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows Hololense and Xbox One. In this software, the users can also download 3D models created by others for reference and also for modifying and 3D printing. As a mobile app, a user can scan the products and convert them into 3D profiles with the help of the device camera.

3D Crafter

Although this free software can only work on a Windows platform, it is an excellent tool for 3D modeling and animation. The unique feature of the drag-and-drop approach can significantly simplify a problematic concept. Complex models can be created using Shape Building Tools from necessary drawings. The software is apt for beginners.

3D Slash

3D Slash has an exciting concept and is very different from conventional CAD software. In this, a cuboid as a solid block can be subdivided into smaller blocks of identical form. Operations are made on these cuboids to produce the models. The software is available for download in Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi or Browser.


This software was developed with the vision to ease the users into using OpenSCAD. The commands of objects, transformations, etc. are denoted using colorful blocks in this. Once completed, the work can be saved as an OpenSCAD or STL format. This app is available for operation on the browser. It is available in the DXF, OFF and STL formats.


Leopoly is ideal for beginners who are just getting themselves introduced to the field of 3D modeling. It is more of a 3D sculpting tool than a hard-cored CAD. For an entry-level student program, it is an optimum app. The 3D models generated in the Leopoy interface can be directly sent for 3D printing. It is available on the browser in STL and OBJ formats.


This software is available for free on a number of platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux in DXF and DWG format. It is CAD software that contains all the basic tools to model and modify the designs. LibreCAD only displays 2D views. The size of the file is only 30 MB. The software is favorable for beginners. 


FreeCAD is a software build around the concepts of parametric programming and is free software. 3D designs of any real-life objects in any desired size can be created in this. The software is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux and is available in several formats like step, iges, OBJ, STL, vrml, Fcstd etc. It is suitable for professionals.


The software is available to operate on windows. eMachineShop for developed by an online CNC milling and 3D printing service. Parts can also be ordered from this software directly. It can be simple for the beginners, but it is also packed with several advanced operations for the experts. Available on Windows and supports several formats like igs, SLDPRT, iges, 3D, etc.

Wings 3D 

Wings 3D is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux in 3ds, fbx, obj, dae, wrl, rwx, STL, wrl, x and xml formats. Both 2D and 3D modeling can be performed on it. For the beginners, this software is perfect for getting familiar with 3D modeling practices.



Antimony can be downloaded free on a macOS and Linux system and is available in the STL format. It is based on the concepts of parametric 3D modeling. For the parametric programmers also, this software is very suitable. It is a bit hard for the beginners and users with some knowledge on 3D modeling can operate it very efficiently.

Fusion 360

It is a professional software developed by Autodesk and is available for free on both Windows and macOS platforms. For students, the software is provided free, and for commercial uses, it is available at $300 per year. It is also available in a number of formats. It is suitable for industrial use.


Meshmixer is a software that mainly focuses on the mechanical functionality of the 3D designs. It prepares meshed for 3D printing. It has sophisticated tools and techniques that can be found in some industrial-grade software. The operating system it suits is Windows, Linux, and macOS. Formats are amg, mix, obj, off and STL.


This software is useful for intermediate to advanced users and is available free on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is old software and draws inspiration from the professional software AutoCAD. The user interface is commendable, so even the beginners can become proficient in it quickly.


It is a sculpting program available on Windows and macOS in OBJ and other formats. It can create high-resolution models in a step by step process and has many advanced tools for implementing the method. Intricate details can be added through this.



If you are looking for a software which follows the parametric programming model and is also free, you can try SolveSpace. It contains Bezier curves and NURBS surfaces. The software is provided for Windows, macOS and Linux platforms. Both 2D and 3D modeling can be performed in this.

SketchUp Free

For the beginners as well as the intermediate users, this software is well-equipped. It is only a 3D modeling CAD software that is available in the browser for free in the STL and PNG formats.


An easy to use online 3D CAD modeling tool, Vectary is available in OBJ, STL, ONJ, RTF formats. It is an excellent tool for intermediate and advanced users to do reiterations of their designs quickly.



Blender is a treat for graphic designers. The app is very versatile and reliable and is available on Windows, macOS and Linux platforms. The application offers 2D and 3D modeling facilities and is available in a variety of formats. Not for the beginners but the best open-source software for sure.


A freeware available on all the major platforms Windows, Linux and macOS, BRL-CAD is suitable for academic and industrial applications.


A good alternative of the CAD software, nanoCAD is available on Windows. It is an excellent option for advanced users looking for an alternative to AUTOCAD.

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Abstract 1

The Internet is an ocean of resources, and it also contains some of the best software for free. CAD modeling is a significant part of the industry, and 3D and 2D modeling software can sometimes be expensive. Some proficient CAD software is available for free and can prove to be a great help to the enthusiasts.

Abstract 2

Before investing in professional CAD software from the certifies organizations, many people prefer trying their hands on some free CAD 2D/ 3D software available online. From a vast array of options available, finding the best one can be a task. A proper guide with all the crucial details about the selected best ones can be beneficial.

Abstract 3

Graphic Designers, Architects, Engineers, and design enthusiasts are always looking for different CAD software to try their hands on. While buying software can sometimes prove to be expensive, free online software comes as a great alternative. Various optimum 3D and 2D CAD software are available on the internet to assist the design aspirants and enthusiasts.

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