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Gadgets/Devices To Look Forward To As 2017 Winds Up


Gadgets/Devices To Look Forward To As 2017 Winds Up


This is the future of picture taking/robotics; where drones meet selfies. The hover camera which is easy to use just needs to be clicked on, extended and it hovers like a mini-drone giving the advantage of a camera shot from any angle.

With a hover camera, you can take 13MP pictures and a 4k video. It replaces a traditional gumbo with electronic image stabilization so that the shots are always steady. According to the manufacturers, it is the first truly autonomous camera and powered with embedded AI technologies. It runs on a qualcomm snapdragon with a 2.3 Ghz Quad-core processor which enables it to run complex calculations. The AI was designed to be so easy to use that anyone can operate it out of the box; a revolutionary user experience that centres around hovering, which actually is more difficult than flying as it needs to be steady to take pictures. The reason it hovers so steadily is because it gauges its own speed and position at all times. This camera is so intelligent that it follows people around, following their face and body. It does this without GPS, instead using facial and body recognition. Weighing a total of 238gms, and measuring 182*132*32.5mm, it is so small that it can fit into a purse. It is however encased in its own armour; fit with a carbon fibre enclosure which has passed both the drop and twist test. Its radical designs allows it to fly and be thrown at will, yet it lets just enough light flow through without sacrificing the ability to fly. The hover camera is certainly something you should consider buying.



One thing that babies love all over the world are probably toys, while conversely, what can be a tedious job is brushing their teeth. So here comes a toothbrush inspired by a rocket ship (which will most likely be seen as super cool with kids no matter their age). The ISSA micro makes a complete redesign of the baby toothbrush. It has soft ultra-hygienic silicon bristles, and it is embedded with gentle vibrations to clean the teeth and sooth the gums. According to Foreo, this unique combination has never been done before in baby oral care “… we see babies chewing at toys for hours, but make it a fight to have a 30 seconds brush. The ISSA micro is the world’s first electronic toothbrush that makes brushing safe and fun. Existing products with nylon bristles are harsh on gums and harbor bacteria. However, ISA micro has been proved to be 10,000 times more hygienic than normal toothbrush for children; it lacks sharp edges or even detachable parts and helps to create a better oral hygiene for children.

The Shell concept car, which seeks to provide practical solutions to driving in modern cities. We have all been in that situation where the traffic has been enough to drive one crazy, while also burning scarce resources. The Shell concept car which is a car for today and designed to maximize personal mobility and minimizing energy expended. It uses a 34% less energy over its entire lifecycle than the average car, and has a 6.0 cm turning radius using the expertise of the Shell helix, it creates a lubricant that is in harmony with the engine, and the whole car amazingly weighs 550kg. It also has a Geo technology engine optimization and a novel “3 seat” layout. It is a small vehicle full of big ideas.

                                                                                                     Photo by Shell/Justin Leighton



Still talking about cars, this is a car designed specially for people with disability / special needs. It is based on an existing chassis which meets safety standards. It has an economic engine and an automatic gear box. What is unique about this concept is the integrated lift mechanism. A mechanism that lifts up and adapts the driver in front of the steering wheel. The wheel chair lift concept is in fact a mechanical assembly composed of metal structure and two platforms which are operated by hydraulic cylinders. Other details which make the difference between a regular car and AVAI cars are about the facilities which must be considered in building a car that is for people with special needs. It is incorporated with 7 airbags for maximum protection in case of accidents. There is a special fixation system designed between the platform and the wheel chair, the platform has integrated obstruction sensors to avoid moments of plugging. It also has an electronic control system that involves fire protection, and an alarm button giving the driver a higher level of safety in cases of emergency. The platform’s positioning sensors can adjust to ground levels to accommodate wheel chairs and to increase the level of safety for the driver; it has a sport chair with a 5-point harness seat belt. Coming with this car is an app that allows a phone to be used as a remote control that allows to start and stop the engine, the air-conditioning, guide the platform and activate the anti-theft alarm from a distance. It also has a GPS and monitoring system. It seems to be movement that cannot be ignored for too long.


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