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Guest Post: 6 Gadgets You Should Have For Your Photography Career


Have you ever noticed that professional photographers carry several bags that hold various cameras and accessories? What it is that they need? If you want to start a new hobby in photography, how do you begin? You definitely must learn the trade and make sure that you have (or acquire) the artistic eye. Consider that you’ll want to share your fabulous photos with your friends on Facebook or Instagram, it is best to get a digital camera. If you want to go further and accessorize this new hobby, read on to learn about the

1. Camera Phone Lenses

If you’re going to be a photographer, remember that you need to be ready to capture photos in a moment’s notice. However, you won’t always have a full-size camera on your person. Most of us are attached to our cell phones, and since you are probably the same, you should also accessorize your phone.

There are a variety of lenses for smartphones on the market, so have fun shopping! You’ll find some with features such as clip-on lenses or even snap-on magnetic lenses. You will also be able to find complete sets of lenses which include types like fish Islands, macro lens, and wide-angle lens. Even better, they often come in a portable bag.

2. The Super-Secret Spy Lens

Any photographer would tell you that some of the best photographs are those that were not planned. When people know that they are being watched, they tend to feel self-conscious. With the super secret spy lens, you’ll be able to capture spontaneous moments. Of course, you’ll have to respect the rights and privacy of those around you, but using this lens in public might help you get some really great action shots.

This lens is meant to fit on an SLR zoom lens. It’s got a peephole on the side of it and a mirror placed inside. This setup allows for you to point the camera one way but actually shoot the subjects on the side.

3. Camera USB Drive

One of the most useful gadgets that you’ll be able to use in your new photography hobby is the camera USB drive. There are many designs of USB drives, but consider getting one just for your photography. You can find them in the shape of a camera, so you always know which drive has your most recent photography on it.

My advice is to get a camera that works best for Instagram photos, capture photos that can be saved on the drive, and then when you are in front of the computer – you get to upload them and post them!

4. Camera Level

Sometimes a new photography Hobby is quite apparent in the photos that are produced. If you want some help taking a more professional photo, why not try the camera top-level.

This StudiohutHotshoe Three Axis Double Bubble Level is not only nifty to look at, but it’s absolutely useful in trying to make sure you’ve got your photo aligned just right. This inexpensive little cube helper will increase the quality of your shots and maybe even increase the value to your skill.

5. Peak Design Clutch Hand Strap

You’ll soon learn that camera and camera accessories are quite an investment. You want to protect your investment, especially your quality camera in every way that you can.

The peak design clutch hand strap is unique in its function. It can be clipped onto the camera and is quick adjusting. It comfortably and snugly fits around your hand so that while you’re in motion capturing all the moments, you’ve got an extra safe hold on your camera.

6. Camera Bag

Another must-have accessory any photog needs is a camera bag. Carrying around A camera bag is a way to make sure that you not only have your camera with you as often as possible, but you also will be able to keep your camera safe and portable.

There are some qualities you should look for in a camera bag though. You want it to be water resistant as well as padded for protection. An added extra would be for the bag to have several pockets to hold all the goods that you’ve gathered from this list.


Which of these gadgets do you want the most? These are all very cool, and even better – none of them are very expensive! Although being photographer takes more than a pricey camera and several awesome accessories, owning these top 6 gadgets for your photography hobby can’t hurt!

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