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Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Likely Come In Three Colours According To New Leak


The Samsung Galaxy S8 official launch date might be a week away but it looks like much of the details may have been leaked online. The big one is that we now know that the new phone will come three colours and will likely cost more than the iPhone 7. In a tweet by Evan Blass, we see that the S8 and the S8 Plus will come in black sky, orchid grey and arctic silver colours and in addition to this, Blass says both phones could cost $899 and $999 respectively.



Other leaks around the S8 incudes accessory costs GearVR and Gear360 which could cost $129 and $229 respectively. We have also been told that the device will have something called “dock functionality” which will allow you connect your S8 to a monitor for better PC experience.


These are leaks and by next week, we should have more information when the device is officially unveiled.

One thing we do know for sure though is that the device will feature a new digital voice assistant from Samsung called Bixby.

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