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10 Expensive Laptops Every Gamer Dreams Of / Should Dream Of


Remember the time when laptop just changed our lives, and we were not so sure if this easily portable device is a dream or the one which came true. When the laptops first begin changing our lives, the nature of this change was more or less the same in every user’s experience. However, the scenario is no longer the same and we have hundreds of distinct laptop types depending upon what a user needs and prefers. We have different laptops that are suited for students’ needs, a different kind of notebooks for the kids at home, a totally different experience provider laptops for the mothers, and so and so on.

Computer and digital gaming have now been developed into such a complex and diverse experience that it requires a specific laptop of its kind to be enjoyed to the fullest. It is no more than just a decade ago that the manufacturers shifted their focus towards the specialized laptops that can bring ease in the gaming world and now there is a vast range of those laptops available around. (Gaming Laptops under 500)

Every gaming laptop is, nevertheless, not as good as it may seem on the exterior. It is essential to know the interior specifications and supported formats of a gaming laptop before you invest your money in it.

Here are the top ten gaming laptops that are worth your investment as they provide a perfect gaming experience.

1-    MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 15.6-inch

A 16GB RAM with an ideal screen of 15.6-inch makes this laptop a dream of every gaming freak. It is thin, has a long battery life, and is easily portable, hence providing you with a perfect gaming experience anywhere and anytime. The laptop is powerful enough to support a fast and heavy gaming experience without any hurdle. With the upgraded SSD and bombastic wireless network support, this laptop will surely provide you with a limitless gaming experience.

2-    Razer Blade

If you are an undercover gaming freak, the new Razer blade with its sturdy body is your best buddy. Without having to invest a considerable fortune, this laptop allows the gamers to enjoy gaming of any kind to the fullest without any interruption. The bigger screen and relatively larger touchpad increase the ease of playing too. Its Nvidia GPU is powerful enough to support all the gaming types, and the cooling chambers keep the laptop from heating.

3-    ASUS ROG Strix Hero II

This laptop is the new gaming cool, It is made up of robust technology and has the 8th generation Core i7 processor alongside the powerful experience provided by the Nvidia GTX 6010. The high technology ensures an unstoppable gaming experience and gives you a choice to play any game, anywhere with its long battery life. The keypad is also easy to use and ensures that no gaming experience gets hijacked through its cozy setup. The sound system of Hero II is also powerful enough to let you enjoy all that you need to.

4-    Dell G5 15

The best feature of this device that makes it a useable gaming option is its imaging quality and resolution. The laptop has been upgraded and now requires more investment in terms of money. However, the money you will spend will be fully returned to you through its processor that is far faster than ever as well as its design card that has been totally enhanced. This laptop, too, has good battery life and its 4K screen ensures a full reality like gaming experience.

5-    Alienware 17 R5

The all-new Alienware device comes with an extra amazing fact like a 17inch screen that is perfect for a virtual gaming experience as well as for other purposes. It has a lighter weight and a better sound system adding more to the ease of your gaming time. The overall design of this laptop is also kind enough to suit your style.

6-    ASUS ROG Zephyrus M GM501

This is a relatively newer edition and also need you to invest a little more than you might have saved for your next laptop. However, there is a perfect possibility and guarantee of all your money to be returned since this device is bound to provide the users with an ideal gaming experience. The cooling vents, perfectly sized screen and an enormous amount of power make it the stuff of our dreams.

7-    Lenovo Legion Y7000

Want a perfect gaming experience without a big budget? Then this laptop is your answer to all the problems. Its powerful Core i7 with a complete GPU has been professionally combined with an ideal screen, an appropriate cooling system, as well as a fantastic sound system to ensure the fully specialized gaming that every gaming nerd wants.

8-    HP Omen 17

This laptop provides an experience bound to make you feel like you are in a far future. A hardcore Intel i7 with a fantastic SSD feels like a dream.

Moreover, the perfect screen is what adds more to the perfection of your gaming. Last but not least is the clear sound system that feels like a cheery on the top of the cake.

9-    MSI GT75 Titan

This laptop not only comes with an over the clock, futuristic 8th generation processor but is also packaged with the Nvidia GeForce GTX GPU and the faster than ever SSD. The large screen with a reasonable width to height ratios as well as an amazingly clear resolution is what every gamer craves for.

10-    Acer Predator 15

When it comes to easy to carry notebooks that provide a perfect gaming experience at the same time, this is the only name that comes to the mind. With a reasonable price for a gaming notebook, the Predator 15 has a lot to offer. The cooling system has been paid special attention in this device, and a perfectly sized screen provides all that a gamer needs.

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