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Gboard Now Uses AI To Suggest GIFs, Stickers, And Emoji


Gboard is already very familiar with GIFs, stickers, and emoji, since you can search for them from within the keyboard. However, today’s update automatically surfaces relevant GIFs, stickers, and emoji without the need to search for them.

According to Google’s blog post. Gboard will automatically use AI to suggest the aforementioned content. For example, when you type out a phrase like “Good morning,” the “G” logo on the top-left corner of the suggestions strip changes to a GIF button. Tapping the GIF button shows you relevant GIFs, stickers, and emoji.

Google was spotted testing the new update with a small group of users back in September. It essentially makes it faster and easier to share your feelings in the form of stickers, GIFs, and emojis. The latest Gboard update also includes more than 40 new language varieties. It comes days after a beta version of Gboard for Android was spotted with a floating keyboard feature. That feature is designed to let users move the virtual keyboard to anywhere on the screen.

With the new AI-based update, Gboard suggests an emoji, GIFs, and stickers relevant to your conversation. The keyboard looks for the suitable content to match the text you’ve typed and then transforms Google’s ‘G’ button from the top-left corner into ‘GIF’ icon to let you see a list of emoji, GIFs, and stickers that it finds the most relevant. This means, for instance, you’re typing “Good morning” in a conversation, the updated Gboard will show all the available emoji, GIFs, and stickers highlighting morning feelings. Similar will be the cases when you type “Awesome” or “I’m sleepy”.

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