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How To Get Rid Of Spy App From Mobile Devices


Well, let me start with a fun story. I was at the bar with my close friends as one of them got back in town after a year and we were there for the buddy. I forgot to mention that to my girlfriend and that my friend was the start of a bad journey. She called and like any other ‘Man’ I told her I was busy with work might have dinner in the office. When we met the next day in an unconscious moment she was like I like their décor of the 1st story corner, that is so lavish. And I was like WHAT. Well, that incident broke the news that apparently  I have a monitoring app installed on my smartphone since last summer when I disappeared for a whole night. And That is for my safety she said. But I felt like an intrusion in my privacy. Well, a cell phone is a personal thing so is one’s life and an evening with old buddies and many more. Anyway, I did some research to get rid of that spy app thing and find some ways. I am gonna share it with you guys too.


Anyway, I did some research to get rid of that spy app thing and find some ways. I am gonna share it with you guys too. #spy #spyapps #app #mobile https://www.techbooky.com/get-rid-of-spy-apps-from-mobile/ Click To Tweet

Mission Detection:

I have given this part the name of mission detection. First thing first, as we need to detect if someone has installed a spy app on our phone. Smartphone gives various signs that shows the presence of a spy app. But you can also check that directly from your phone. In spite of the fact that this only works for third-grade spy apps But still we can give it a try.

Team Android:

For android users. Detection of any spy app can be found put by checking application settings. Go to the Settings folder of your smartphone, jump into additional settings and find Manage application. Now you will have a list of files in front of you, check the files, and find any suspicious word or app. You can try a manual search by entering certain words like spyware or monitoring or screen or voice record or location tracking etc. If any suspicious term or word pops out, delete the files immediately.  You can also delete all the files that you think might have been useless. However this might not work for those apps who do not use clear distinguishing terms like spy, or monitoring, etc, and instead use fake or code words. In that case, the only possible solution is getting help from some technical person. You can visit the nearest wireless or Mobile phone store that deals with software as well and let them do their work of finding any spy app and getting rid of them.


Team iOS:

The only way to get into your iOS device system is through jailbreaking. It gives the privilege to the user to bypass Apple security system and install any kind of app by removing software restrictions. Apple also offered the mSpy app for those parents who want to keep an eye on their kids. So if you are worried that someone might install mSpy or jailbreak you need a strong password of your iCloud account.  As they will need access to the iCloud account to install any spy app. For Apple users, things are not that simple like go check the files from the settings folder, etc. So another way out is just keeping your device up to date. Update your device through iTunes whenever a new update is available. This will help you to remove any potential threat of jailbreak or possible involvement of any third party. You can backup or restore your device manually too via iTunes to get rid of any spyware attack.


Restore Factory Setting:

If none of the above-mentioned things work for you or you are skeptical like me then I am afraid I have a full fledge, but a difficult solution for you. That is the Restore factory setting. This can be the last possible solution to get rid of any monitoring software or spyware attack. Factory restoration option is valid for both android users and iOs users. First create a backup file for all your important data, media files contact list etc, and then restore the device into a factory setting. This will remove all the potential third party apps.


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