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Global Accelerex Launches Nexgo G2 ; A New POS Payment Device


Global Accelerex, a leader in the e-payment industry, has recently unveiled an innovative point-of-sale terminal, Nexgo G2, into the electronic payment ecosystem. The launching of this product took place at the POS innovative summit in Lagos, organized by the company.

Speaking at the event, the Managing Director, Mr. Tunde Ogungbade stated that the new payment system is portable, durable, efficient, has a high operational speed and is very affordable, compared to the mPOS. The traditional POS is a viable solution with which many small-scaled enterprises are familiar with.

Although it lacks the convenience of a mobile system which its counterpart offers, it is more integrated with options for storing customer information, accounting for sales and reporting inventory. In addition to these excellent features, it has the ability to print receipts on-the-go. As you can see, it won’t be obsolete anytime soon- there’s no need fixing what isn’t broken. The Managing Director added:

At a cost structure lower than an mPOS, it is almost amazing why any merchant would want to fiddle with two devices other than one.’

Aside from the low-cost structure, as a business owner, you may want to put security as a topmost priority. The traditional POS system is more secure than an mPOS because of internet connectivity. It is easier for hackers to penetrate through WiFi, making mobile solutions susceptible to attacks. POS systems connect through direct lines making it difficult for hackers to have a heyday. Also, because mPOS systems are smaller and mobile, they are easily stolen, putting the company even at a higher risk of losing sensitive customers’ information.

The Chief Operating Officer, Global Accelerex, Mr. Kayode Ariyo, affirmed that the newly launched product is designed with NFC capabilities and is fully certified for PCI 4x, EMV, PBOC, Master card PayPass and Visa PayWave. He said:

The G2 offers a rich high-resolution 2.4-inch colour display and can conveniently fit into a merchant’s pocket, making it an excellent choice for various payment scenarios such as Internal revenue collections, retail payments, bill/utility payments, distributor/field sales as well as agent banking.

This is a great one for business enterprises and religious centers to minimise the circulation of cash. Churches can make use of the device for collection of offerings and tithes. Petrol stations can have the device in place to take stock of inventory for both manned and unmanned fuel pumps. Schools are not left out. Other than the conventional method of queuing in the banking halls to make payments for all the expenses, Nexgo G2 will cut all the barriers for an easy payment for uniforms, tuition fees, and other expenses. 

Life can be this easy and we can cut down on risks if we move with the evolvement of technology.

Image: Wirecard

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