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Gmail For Android Now Lets You Customise Swipe Actions


Using your Gmail account is set to become all the more easier for Android users as Google has started rolling out new gesture features that allow you to perform different actions, including deleting an email or archiving it, by simply swiping the email in different directions.

The Gmail desktop site got a huge redesign in late April, but since then, the Android app has remained more or less the same. Over the past few weeks. Google has updated Gmail with features like Smart Compose , a Snooze Email Button, Better G-Suite Integration, and among many others. However, the v8.5.20 update adds a handy trick— a customisation swipe actions.

In the new version 8.5.20, jumping into the Gmail app, go to Settings, you then press General settings. From there, you will notice that the ‘Swipe actions’ checkbox was replaced with a ‘Swipe actions’ menu that opens a separate page.

The Swipe Actions page shows what you will like to place on each direction and it can easily be changed by clicking on the blue change icon near the top right corner of the page. Here are the swipe actions it will allows you swipe to one of the following: The swipe actions, that come as part of Gmail’s updated version 8.5.20, will include the archive, delete, mark as read or unread, move to and snooze options, Android Police first reported.

“Pick the ones you want and when you browse any inbox or folder inside Gmail, a simple swipe in each direction will perform your chosen action,” the report added.

This is something that really should have been in Gmail all along, but we’re still thrilled to finally see it make an appearance. To enjoy this new feature, you must update your app to the latest version which is available on app play store.

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