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Gmail’s Biggest Ever Redesign Is Now Live – Here’s How To Enable It Right Now

Theresa Casimir

We knew a significant Gmail redesign was in the works, as the changes report was leaked earlier last month  and Now The world’s most popular email service is making the changes official. Well, it looks like that time has come and the brand new Gmail features are now available to some users.

Today, Google announced that all you have to do to get them is go to the Settings  and select the Try the new Gmail option — if you can’t see it yet, don’t worry, it’s coming soon. You can also switch back to classic Gmail.

So what’s new?

More buttons to push

Gmail is now making it easier for users to interact with emails and their contents. Firstly, while Hovering over their email user can get a new menu that lets them quickly deal with their loads of email at ease. You can archive, delete, mark as read, or snooze an email without opening it.

Smart Reply on the web

Smart Replies which allows users to get instant message option replies below their  received email.  These features are awesome on mobile, and they’re coming to the web.


A feature used to get the attention of another user, as by shaking the conversation window or playing a sound.Gmail will now tell you to follow up and respond to messages that you’ve been putting off.

Google Tasks and panels

Google Tasks is a new mobile app released on Wednesday for both iPhone and Android. The feature which is on the right side of Gmail has a collapsible panel that will include fast access to other G Suite apps, including Calendar, Keep, and, of course, Tasks.The panels, users will be able to collapse the left side panel to create more space for their emails.


Increased confidentiality

Okay, let’s say you want to share data somebody but you don’t want your data be copied,  forwarded,  downloaded or printed. Gmail with the new redesign will you to share data but no one can copy or download it. Furthermore, you can select a message to expire after a set period of time.

New security warnings

Security is an important question most people like to ask but with the new Gmail which will send users new warnings to highlight the potentially malicious emails coming through. And also users can also add two-factor authentication to secure their emails, and the recipient will have to use a passcode received via text messages to read it.

Offline mode

Want offline access to Gmail? That’s also possible with the new Gmail.

High-priority notifications

The mobile app is getting high-priority notifications so that you don’t miss important emails, as well as suggestions to unsubscribe from newsletters and offers you don’t really read.

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