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Google Is Making It Easier To Identify And Block Malware Emails In Gmail


From now on, you should be seeing a new feature in your Gmail that aims to prevent you from clicking on emails that contain malware. This is timely even as threats are on the increase and these days, the easiest way to get someone to send them a link and upon clicking it, access is granted to the victim’s device. You can see a list of such threats we have covered here and how to avoid them.

Google announced yesterday that it will begin flagging email senders that can’t be authenticated and this means you should look out for a question mark in place of the sender’s profile photo, corporate logo, or avatar.

Unauth Profile Pictures- gmail

While some of these flagged emails may not necessarily be dangerous, it just means you should take a second look at the email before opening and clicking on links that may turn out to be harmful to you and your device. To make it safer if you’re not sure, you’ll get a warning like the one below telling you of the possible consequences of clicking on the link(s) in the email.

Safer Links in Gmail - gmail

Web and Android users of Gmail should expect to start seeing this feature over the next few days according to the post.


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