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Good Navigation Acts Like A Fast-Speed Vehicle – Get More Customers Through It



This era of digital upsurge is acting almost like magic for most of us. We have solutions to all our problems at the click of our fingertips. In case of any query, all we have to do is look up the search engine or login to a credible app and voila! We are out of the woods instantly.

Considering how apps are becoming a large part of human life, it becomes extremely important for developers to focus on making them better. Once someone comes to your app, they must know where to go and how to find solutions. There is more chance of visitors to stay if the app features a clear navigation system.

On the other hand, a disorganized and overly cluttered setup is like a road with hazy directions. Travelers have no idea of the twists and turns along the way. As a result, they get overwhelmed, irritated, and leave the system.

With this in mind, it gets easier to understand why the number of failing apps is escalating each day. While Statista forecasts mobile app revenue to reach $189 billion in 2020, few other numbers tell a whole new side of the story. It is a fact that users delete 57% of the apps within 30 days. The high bounce rate indicates that there is a secret sauce to app design that very few developers are tapping into.

And perhaps, scoring better at navigation will help you open up the closed doors. Let’s have a look at how it’s possible:

Increased conversion

The ultimate goal of your website or an app is to convert visitors into customers. The prospect might turn into a subscriber, donor, or an applicant for your platform. But it all depends on the duration they spend. The more they explore the forum, the more they get to know your company.

A difficult navigation system will increase the bounce rate. Wikipedia defines that a bounce is when the visitor only views a single page on the website and doesn’t go any further. On the contrary, if your app/page lists the products and services with clarity, visitors get to know the objective of your company instantly.

Consequently, they reach for calls-to-action or other items in the menu, improving conversion. For more info on the subject, check out the blog UI/UX Tips To Create A Stunning Magneto Store.

Increased purchases

Strategic navigation focuses on effortless site surfing.   The directions are easy to follow, and the products are instantly viewable. It amplifies the overall purchase scale of the company. The developers must make sure that the road to purchasing is easily accessible. Every customer that enters into your page must be able to fill up their cart and grasp instructions without any trouble.

When fusing this feature, you must make sure that calls to action are clear and concise. A good CTA is the one that presents matters in urgency. The phrases are such that they compel visitors to take instant actions.

Optimized and secure

Right now, there is an 80 percent chance that you are reading this blog on your smartphone. We are all fully aware of the growing global inclination towards smart tech.

Good web navigation will work to keep up with this trend. If your company does not have an app yet, you can make sure that the website fills up the gap. You must optimize for mobile phones. This means that the layout and overall interface will adjust according to the screens that people are using.

Meanwhile, the security algorithm working beside the navigation must be strong enough. Otherwise, the app or page may go down the grid as security threats penetrate within the system. Take AirG Spam as an example. The company went down the spiral, and it took a lot of effort on the part of developers to restructure and rise back up.

Saves visitor’s time

We are living in a time where people do not have much time to spare. If there are roadblocks in finding basic things on the page, they tend to exit immediately. There are plenty of studies that prove how users’ reading behavior is consistent across most of the websites.

Further analysis of the web behavior enlightens us about the Serial Position Effect. It describes how a person might pay more attention and retain more information if things appear at the top or bottom of the page.

So the content in the body section does not matter much. Hence, when designing your app or webpage, you must insert important links below or at the top. This brings in a higher engagement rate.

Organizes information

Clutter tends to push people away, whether it’s physical or digital. Let’s suppose a person visits your page and they are unable to find basic info like products available or charges for desirable products. The chances are that they will exit and jump to a competitor’s platform. Good navigation works to present organized information. It grabs eyeballs by making the page hassle-free.

It might be possible that there are large chunks of information that you want your visitors to know. Ask your hired professionals to work it out by presenting this info on a separate screen or top-down menus. Uber, for instance, uses a hamburger icon. It is a drawer panel that allows you to hide navigation behind the left edge of the screen. It is only viewable if the user wants it to be.

In the case of Uber, there is little need to view history or settings. So they are kept behind the hamburger icon.

Closing Thoughts

The biggest priority for online entities is to ensure top-notch user experience. And every company is unique. There is no one-style-fits-all strategy when designing your virtual platform. All you have in mind is to compel people to make repeat visits. To achieve that, you need an uncluttered, standardized, and organized navigation design.

Keep these guidelines in mind when structuring your website to increase your chances of success. But if you feel we have missed something, let us know!

Author Bio

Audrey Throne is the mother of a 3-year old and a professional blogger by choice. Throne is passionate about lifestyle, business, automotive, technology and management and blogs frequently on these topics.

Find her on Twitter: @audrey_throne.

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