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Google Announces “Trips”; An App That Puts All Tour Travel Itinerary In One Place


While some are expecting the new messaging “Allo” app from Google, they announced a new app today called Trips. Trips is a trip planning tool that also serves a personalised tour guide. This comes as they say a study shows that 74 percent of travelers think figuring our details about a new city is the most difficult part of the journey, hence the need for such app.


Available on both Android and iOS for free, the app aims to put all the information you need about a location in your pocket when you visit the top 200 cities of the world. This means that you will now be able to track of all your flight, hotel, car and restaurant reservations from a single location. Personalisation is achieved through your Google history.

The app which also allows you download all of your travel information so you can use the app offline also integrates nicely with Gmail by organising your reservations under the Reservations tab.

While the offline feature still allows you enjoy the app should you not have internet access where you are, it’s even much better when you have access to the internet like say mobile data. That way you get access to real-time information like weather conditions, sites that are open or closed, other indoor activities people engage in that city . trips-1There’s also the red button in the app called “magic wand” and here’s how Stefan Frank, Product Manager, Google Trips describes it. “If you want more options, tap the “magic wand” button for more nearby sights. You can pin any new spots you like, and if you want even more, each tap of the “magic wand” instantly gives you a new itinerary with updated nearby attractions like Palau Macaya or Parc del Guinardo, so you can build your own custom itinerary in minutes while munching on your morning churro.”

That’s the app called Trips and the bottom line is that Google allows you to fully customise a trip on it through parameters like how long you’ll be staying for and popular sites/spots within that city.

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