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Google Is Expected To Announce This Week That Its Assistant Is Coming To iOS


Tech companies in the US are reporting that Google plans to announce that its assistant Google Assistant will be coming to an iPhone/iPad near you. The sources say the announcement could come at some point this week at Google’s annual I/O developers’ conference this well.

Google had back in February announced that the assistant would for the first time come to non-Google devices but we don’t know if Samsung’s decision to bring its own Bixby assistant to the Galaxy S8 had anything to do with Google’s decision. What is clear though is that as Apple opens up Siri to developers, Google won’t want to hold the title of the one withholding the good stuff from developers.

The Google Assistant’s SDK was made available last month to developers and by bringing it to iOS, developers will have a wider range of applications they can integrate the assistant into.

Having said this, we don’t know if the launch will be limited to just US users even though I don’t expect it will be.

For iOS users who haven’t used the Google Assistant before, just download Google’s messaging app Allo and see how it works and then imaging if that could be integrated into more apps on your device just the way developers can now bring the Siri experience to more apps on the iPhone/iPad. iOS being the world’s second largest mobile operating system could benefit immensely from this by attracting more developers.

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