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Google Updates Assistant With New Features And Languages


Yesterday, Google announced a whole bunch of new updates for its assistant which will make it possible for developers to make more applications that will better integrate with your Google Assistant powered device Google Home. Developers will now be able to create  apps in Spanish , Italian , Indian and even Portuguese as new languages added to the assistant is one of the biggest additions the company has ever added to support new languages.

Another major update feature Google added will allow developers to create applications that can take advantage of having both Google Home and any phone that supports Google Assistant, this feature allows the Home device to send requests to smartphones for completion of actions. Google also allows apps to recognize the requests, so that you don’t have to call out the request, there by knowing the difference for instance, between turning off the lights and using Philips Hue app to turn off the light.

Lastly, the other updates added by Google makes it easy for users to find new apps on their smartphone instead of a scatter hodgepodge of apps that are now presented. The Assistant companion app now has sections like ‘what’s new”, and what’s trending” to help users view recent and popular added integration.

The new updates was announced on Google blog post , of which these updates will be rolling out soon , although it might take developers some time to integrate the new features into their applications.

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