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Google Assistant Will Be Open To Developers Starting This December


Starting this December, developers will now be able to integrate the new Google Assistant in a move that now looks like Apple opening up Siri to developers. That is why users of apps like Uber and WhatsApp in iOS 10 can now order for cars or help you chat as the case may be respectively.

Google engineer Scott Huffman said (by the way I think the real thing starts from 25 mins in the video) indeed that Google Assistant would be open to developers by the end of this year.  Developers will be able to create Direct and Conversation Actions and this has to do with straightforward commands as well as back and forth commands. This is just like Facebook also opening its bits platform to developers to build stuff and integrate into applications. A Direct Action will be something like turning on and off the lights while Conversation would be something like making a restaurant reservation or even ordering for an Uber ride.

As with any artificial intelligence (AI) system, Google Assistant relies on your online behaviour to serve you better through learning over time. So the more you use it in Allo (the new messaging app from Google), the better it gets but it would certainly be more interesting to see what developers can do with Assistant from Google. Currently its applications have been extended to other Google products like Google Home (Google’s router that looks like a speaker).

By the way, Google Home now has a price attached to it and its $129 from the Google Store.

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