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Google Brings Multitasking And Autofill To Its Chrome For iOS App


Google yesterday announced an update to its Chrome for iOS app. The update comes with two new additional features namely iOS 9 multitasking and Autofill. If you’re used to the way the Chrome browser on your PC works, you may have seen what the Autofill looks like. The new Chrome dubbed Chrome 46 was released just over a week ago. On the multitasking side, Chrome-iPad-Multitasking-with_frameGoogle is allowing you do what the new iPad Pro does only this time you do it in its Chrome for iOS app. As Google explained, Often on the web, we’re doing a ton of things at once — reading up on an exotic travel location, catching up on social media or booking a hotel. With that in mind, we’re introducing Split View for your iPad (Air 2 or mini 4) to our latest version of Chrome.

Here’s the link to download the latest version of the Chrome for iOS app.


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