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Google Could Be Buying HTC’s Smartphone Business By Year’s End


Google has a lot going for them this year and now it seems buying HTC’s smartphone business has been added to the list of things on their to ‘do list’ as report (straight out of Taiwan’s Commercial Times) claims that the company is now in the final stage of negotiations with the HTC company.

The last smartphone business Google had with Motorola didn’t go well as planed between the two companies, so this new report needs to be taken with a pinch , so as not to get too excited and anticipate way higher than usual.

According to the report, which claims that Google and HTC are in their final stage of negotiations and are at the point of handing over provided that Google’s main interest will be limited to the smartphones section and not the VR or the entire business or probably because HTC has no plans of selling the entire business to them.

The report claims that this deal between Google and HTC as for Google is looking at a strategic investment and HTC just happens to be part of the plan even as the report goes on to claim this will be finalised by the end of the year.

As for the Taiwanese company HTC, the report of them signing off a part of their business to Google came as a result of their previous report explaining that the company may be looking to sell part their business to the highest bidder and Google seems to be that given the closeness between the two companies. If you’re wondering just how close the American Google is to the Taiwanese HTC, HTC are the  manufacturers of Google Pixel smartphone and the original google Nexus was a also a HTC device. 

HTC, which was one of the top smartphone vendors which has fallen since 2013 and now is not even among the Top five on the chart table of most used smartphones. The company is low on revenue and doing all they can to stay above water as their device hasn’t been able to hit the top list in a while now and since Chinese companies seem to be doing well in the mobile market with the launch of phones like Huawei, Vivo etc.  HTC have been struggling to keep up in the market despite some amazing features they have on their smartphones.

However, it will great if the web giants Google buys HTC, because it will be beneficial for the latter as they need the revenue to move the other part of their business forward.

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