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Google App Developers Are Yet To Conclude Tweaking Assistant App


…the modified dog food Google Assistant now finds everything, including recent saves.

Google’s Assistant is reportedly developing its Memory featuring with an extension to run multiple services as a single feature on its app. Google is adding its Assistant app with a note app, a reading list, and a to-do list app. While the dashboard is designed in Pinterest-like collections — its interface display like an extended version of Google Assistant with a distal locker.

According to 9to5Google, the modified version of the Google Assistant app is still in its developing stage whereby it is exclusively reserved for its employees for usage to test run the effectiveness of the upcoming feature.

Memory, the upcoming digital locker to feature as Assistant’s flagship feature that is expected to process diverse activities such as TV shows, images, articles, reminders, playlists, books, contacts, and many more interesting functions.

Google’s Assistant app Memory already existed on the same Google product assisting its users to stack finite size of information such as a user favorite cake or external Bluetooth connectivity.

For contrast, the current Assistant app is undergoing development by app experts. They fused both “Collections” (that once existed on the app) as-well-as the previous Memory — as a single feature, while they both display accordingly on the Assistant app dashboard.

According to 9to5Google, accessing the modified Google Assistant app is limited by the user’s imagination. The app is built to process any command such as reminding you about the movie you added to your watch list with an attached link to the movie trailer.

Assistant’s app upcoming Memory feature can also access a digital to-do list, save a user’s recipe with an attached reminder of the cooking duration, etc. The app is also built to exclusively customize other Google products.

For instance, Google-based apps such as Maps, Drive, Photos, or contacts will display like a preview card whenever you save content via these apps — saved contents are either categorized as “read later” or “important” items.

Aside from the integrated Memory featuring on Assistant that can sort diverse categories of saved items by searching imputing keywords, Google developer also enabled a home screen shortcut for easy access.

Meanwhile, Google’s spokesman confirmed the forthcoming upgraded Assistant app version: “We are constantly iterating and experimenting with new ways to improve the user experience, but we have no further details to share at this time.”

9to5Google’s publication noted that Google is yet to disclose a lunch date of the proposed Assistant app. The app development is still in its dog food phase whereby testing its functions to ascertain its limit.

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