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Google developing early detection technology for diseases like cancer


In yet another show of innovation from Google, it’s been revealed that the company is now working on a technology that’ll make it easier to detect cancer and heart diseases. Detecting diseases and symptoms at early stages is key to effectively treating them and this is what Google aims to achieve.

dr conrad

Dr. Conrad who’s leading the research pictured left

How it works

The technology will combine disease-detecting nanoparticles with a wrist sensor. These nanoparticles would enter a patient’s bloodstream through a pill which the swallowed by patients.

nanoparticle google

The basic idea behind is to quickly detect and identify changes in a person’s chemistry. This could then act as an early warning system.
This project is latest (“moonshot”) to originate from the Google X. Now Google X is a semi secret facility run by Google which is dedicated to major technological breakthroughs and research developments.

Let me add that this technology is still in the early development stage

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