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Google’s Email App, Inbox, Finally Supports The iPhone X


One of Google’s more popular apps is Inbox, its first-party email app. Its popularity isn’t just on Android, though, with iOS users adopting the app as their own, too.

But for iPhone X owners, the Inbox app has been left without support since launch. That is finally changing today, though, as Google has officially updated the Inbox app for iOS to support the iPhone X and its notch design. The latest version of the app is available right now, at the time of publication.

Over eight months after the super premium iPhone was unveiled. The Inbox by Gmail app for iOS devices has been updated with a support for the device. In a 144MB update pushed out on the App Store, Google said Inbox by Gmail now supports Apple’s priciest iPhone variant, with little else by way of changes in the update text.

Announced on a limited invitation-only basis in October 2014, Inbox by Gmail was officially released to the public on 28 May, 2015. The app offers you a feature called ‘highlights’, which displays the information from the email without even opening it. You can check in for flights, see delivery information for purchases and view photos from friends easily without tapping to open the email.

Google has been working on redesigns for a lot of its apps. It has redesigned Gmail to make it more clean and user-friendly. The Google Home app, which was previously known as the Google Chromecast app and the Google Cast app, will soon see an overhaul in the design to match the Google’s Material Design theme. We also know that the Material Design theme will soon be available to Android users on Google Maps.

The new Inbox update also complies with a recent developer requirement instituted by Apple which states that all iOS apps must support the iPhone X by July 2018.

Google is more than likely rolling out the change so that it can be in line with Apple’s own requirements for iOS apps beginning this month.

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