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Google Is Eliminating The Password As You Know It

Paul Balo

It’s not being a year since Yahoo suggested it would eliminate the “stress” of you having to remember your password always. It proposed providing users with an on-demand password each time you try to login on your devices. Now Google is really taking this a step further by testing a process that would eliminate the password altogether. This process is just similar to the Yahoo process where you have to authorise your mobile device to be allowed to use the service. Then you would be required to put in your Gmail address into a Google login page on your desktop. You will then get a message which reads, “trying to sign in?”, after which you must open the notification. You are then able to sign in without a need for a password.

Google no password

Here are screen shots to how it works aand according Reddit user Roit Paul, here are steps to make this happen;

  1. Go to google.com to test out the log in. (granted that i’m not logged in.)
  2. Enter in email address into sign in page and hit next.
  3. Next page tells you to check your phone and enter the challenge. (I had tried this this morning and it didn’t ask me to enter a challenge. But as I was going through the process this time, I was had a challenge.)
  4. On the phone I get a notification “Trying to sign in?”
  5. Opening the notification I’m asked if i’m trying to sign in from another computer. I answer yes.
  6. Next I have to enter the challenge. In this case the number on the screen is 21.
  7. Now on my computer, I’m logged into the Google page.

As a user though, you will still have the option to enter their password if you wish but for now, the new authentication method is an invite-only beta program on iOS and Android. As with any major tests of this nature, it should slowly roll out to all users after the test is concluded.

The question remains though, what happens when your device gets missing or stolen? A research has it that 90% of password can be broken 

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