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Google is said to be developing a virtual reality version of Android


Google is said to be developing a virtual reality version of Android to take on names like Facebook, Microsoft and Samsung. All these companies are already making a head way in the soon-to-be-poplar virtual reality sub sector.

Zach Miners of the PC world in his post said the OS would be freely distributed, the report said, mirroring the strategy that made Android the most popular OS for smartphones. The report didn’t provide any launch plans, and Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

With rivals investing heavily in VR, it would make sense for Google to build its own OS. Facebook has referred to VR as the next big platform after mobile, and it bought headset maker Oculus VR last year for US$2 billion.

They see VR as the future because it provides an immersive experience for gaming, entertainment, communications, and perhaps other applications not thought of yet. It’s still a way from mass adoption, though, and some people report getting nausea from VR systems, or just don’t want a big display strapped to their head.

Leading the Android VR effort are veterans Clay Bavor and Jeremy Doig, the Wall Street Journal said. Bavor helped to create Google Cardboard, the company’s low-tech virtual reality viewer that attracted attention at last year’s Google I/O conference.

In Technology, taking on your rivals with regards to products and services is not new. Google started the what is now known as search engine in a comprehensive way. Facebook leveraging on its closeness to Microsoft has now incorprated the Bing search into its platform. Let’s not forget that Facebook itslef launched its Graph search in what may become a search engine in future if you consider billions of users already on the Facebook platform. Google also launched its own Goolge+ social network platform. In any case, get ready for the VR revolution.

Learn more about Virtual Reeality here from this MIT paper

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