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Google launches “Inbox” app and here’s what you need to know about it

Paul Balo

Google says it has found an easy way for you to make your emails more efficient. The new app launched on Wednesday by the company called “inbox” helps you handle your daily avalanche of email. Inbox which is basically for mobile users turns emails into reminders, highlights the important bits and adds outside information it thinks is helpful.

This comes at a time when several email companies have started allowing desk top and mobile users categorise their emails. This app again underscores the fact that more and more people are turning to mobile platforms for their day to day activities.


How does it (inbox) work?

Inbox works by pulling similar messages into a group which Google calls “Bundles”. So say you have messages from a similar email addresses or similar subjects, they are put under one category. Let me point out that the technology of email categorisation is not new in itself, but what Inbox does is that it automates the process for you instead of you having to create these folders b yourself.

You can reschedule a “bundle”. So you can see a bundle at your own set time and this really adds to efficiency as scheduling can go a long way in organising your business correspondence process optimisation.
Messages can be turned into reminders, reminders can be snoozed, and important emails “pinned” while the rest are whisked away.


The Catch
Again with innovations from Tech giants comes a catch. Inbox is currently only invite only. It is available as and iOS and Android app, as well as a desktop view (for Chrome browser users only).

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