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Google Launches “YouTube Video Builder” To Help SMEs Create Short Videos


The almost global lock down due to the Coronavirus is making more small businesses who otherwise didn’t appreciate technology like the big ones now resort to it. Google through its tools is one of the companies providing services to ease remote working. They are announcing a new tool simply called YouTube Video Builder to help SMEs create videos quickly. 

As the name implies, Video Builder lets you rapidly make short YouTube videos that are six or 15 seconds long. Just like other tools that help you create animated videos like Canva, YouTube Video Builder will allow you animate text and images into a short video and yes there is an in-built music library you can choose from as well. As with some other tools you may be familiar with, this builder by Google allows you set colours and font too.

The catch here is that Google is launching this from today with free advertising credits to SMEs as part of its COVID-19 response. This feature was originally planned to launch in the summer but the recent global pandemic has forced it to change approach.

Because businesses of all sizes are strapped for time and resources and in-person video shoots are no longer practical in many countries, we are accelerating the next stage of Video Builder availability. With this tool, any business who needs a video can create one that helps connect with their customers and keep them informed—whether through an advertising campaign, website or email. 

Google is making the process of making these videos as short as possible making the process require just a small amount of text and images as possible.

This tool is free and in beta but you can sign up from today. As you can see in the image below, the form is simple and you basically have to enter an email and then an optional Google Ads Customer ID. So it doesn’t matter right now if you don’t have one. Once you have signed up, you will get an on-screen display that says a member of the Google team will reach out to you soon.

This tool can be applied in making short introductions of your core offerings and possible opening hours. It is intended for small and medium size businesses but it doesn’t restrict bigger businesses as this may come in handy for them as well in making specialised videos for a certain demographic.

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